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Yet another complete replacement of PA system. As in the previous project the complete replacement of the system with a “All in One” system is more cost effective than rectifying and upgrading the existing system to meet the code of practice.

This time the client is a factory building of a plastic products company – a household name. The customer calls us ever couple of years to repair their existing system which is comprised mainly of Optimus components but also has a mix of other brands. The Optimus has been malfunctioning for years starting with failure of the amplifiers then with deteriorating audio quality.  The final straw was the failed message module which could not be activated with any consistency and when activated couldn’t be shut off.

This small factory is the perfect use case for the “All in One” Digital PA System. With everything required to satisfy code of practice SS546 in one 3U rackmount equipment this allows the complexity, cost and footprint of the PA system to be kept to a minimum. This controller also comes with a 6 zone router built in and all zones have volume controls. The system can be expanded using additional 6 zone routers and the routers also have power amplifiers and volume controls built in making a very complete, feature rich and user friendly system perfect for small to medium sized installations.