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Too often cable management is neglected during CCTV or PA System installation or maintenance. Installers will often try to cut corners to complete the installation work as quickly as possible. During installation or maintenance work, technicians will often have to unplug or reconfigure connections within the equipment rack to troubleshoot problems with the system. It is common for it to be several orders of magnitude to reinstate previously secured cables back their original condition or to make reconfigured connections look neat. This is why many service providers simply neglect cable management despite it being of critical importance. Cable management is time consuming and tedious but a well done job is both satisfying to look at and more stable and less likely to malfunction. We recently took over the maintenance of a CCTV system that had been under maintenance by a different provider. Due to the poor condition of the connections and the lack of cable management the system was constantly malfunctioning or intermittent. Our technicians undertook to completely revamp the rack and the result has been that the reliability is much improved. The before and after photos below are worth a thousand words:

Before: Cables strewn on the floor and trunking cover missing After: Cables concealed below raised platform and trunking covers properly secured
Before: Cables an unruly mess  After: Cables neatly secured and labeled