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Handed over brand new PA and CCTV systems last month. Our client, a building in Singapore’s financial district decided to replace their aging PA and CCTV systems to improve on the safety and security of the tenants in the building and their public areas. The aging RCF brand PA system was starting to malfunction with some zones unable to activate, some of the line surveillance units producing unwanted noise and the RCF microphones were having intermittent errors. We replaced the RCF system with a Bosch Paviro system. The compact design and low energy footprint of the Paviro were key factors leading to its selection. We managed to shrink the 40 zone system from 3 units of 42U racks down to 1 unit of 42U rack, greatly reducing the clutter in the FCC. The low power consumption and high operating efficiency of the Bosch Paviro PA system also meant that power consumption and heat generation were greatly reduced thus generating savings in electricity and cooling cost.  The sound quality was also noticeably improved with the better than 100 dB signal to noise ratio of Paviro very evident. With the reduction of the footprint of the PA system we were able to reuse one of the existing equipment racks to house the new CCTV system. We recommended equipment from Hikvision for their reliability and flexibility. Using a hybrid HD analogue and IP system we were able to upgrade all the cameras to high definition as well as tap on the existing cable infrastructure to expand the system with additional IP surveillance cameras providing the most performance for every dollar spend. Using IP technology along with the existing cabling meant that we could add high definition surveillance to areas without existing coverage at low cost and minimal disruption to the building occupants. In addition to upgrading the recording resolution to Full HD 1080p resolution we also managed to increase the recording duration by using the new H.265 or HEVC encoding on the recording which reduces the bitrate by up to half. We also rectified all the existing cable faults which were causing intermittent video loss or poor picture quality. Finally before handover we ensured the proper cable management along with verifying labels on all cable and video feeds. We are very glad that the customer is happy with the combination of higher quality sound and video, reliable operation of all equipment, lower energy consumption, improved environment with lower noise and heat, better equipment layout and simpler operation. I think the before and after photos below speak for themselves.