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We are increasingly seeing clients with aging AEX PA systems that are faulty and in need of rectification of PA system. The following is a case study of one such system:

Our customer, a mixed-use commercial building had a rather large AEX ex800A PA system that had multiple faults:

  • Random zone activation
  • Failing amplifiers
  • Failing components (amplifier surveillance, line surveillance… etc)
  • Malfunctioning paging console

A different vendor had already attempted to rectify the system by replacing the faulty amplifiers (PB 1120) and line surveillance devices (LM 08 & SC-6224). However, there were still complaints of areas not able to hear the emergency announcements, poor sound quality of the background music, and some areas having persistent noise coming from the speakers.

It was decided that a system upgrade was needed. However, with several of the amplifiers had been recently replaced at considerable cost a full replacement of the system was not an acceptable solution. We proposed to replace the controller, zone selectors and faulty amplifiers with a Paviro system from Bosch and integrate it with the AEX amplifiers that were still functional. This way the client was able to enjoy the benefits of the Bosch Paviro PA system with reduced cost and was able to push the cost of replacing several AEX PB 1120 amplifiers into the future.

The before and after photos below tell the whole story:

Faulty Zone Selectors

Faulty Zone Selectors LS 12A

Faulty PA Controllers ex800A

Faulty PA Controllers ex800A

Faulty Line Surveillance & Amplifiers

Faulty Line Surveillance & Amplifiers

New BOSCH Paviro System

Bosch Paviro System Controller PVA-4CR12, Routers PVA-4R24 & Amplifiers PVA-2P500

Old AEX equipment consolidated and integrated with Bosch Paviro System

Old AEX equipment (AC 08S & PB 1120) consolidated and integrated with Bosch Paviro System