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We have successfully rectified a hotel’s PA system. This time the client is a boutique Hotel in the old city center.

The client had an existing system comprised of mainly Amperes PA equipment.  When we first saw the system the old power supply had failed (a common problem with Amperes systems).  We replaced the old PSU, backup battery and charger with a battery charger & power supply all in one unit.  Upon powering up the old system we were able to fully troubleshoot the system and found it to be uneconomical to repair.  We proposed an “All in One” Digital PA System that housed the Digital Message Manager, Audio Mixer, Power Amplifier, Line Surveillance, Amplifier Surveillance & Amp Changeover as well as Volume Controls in one device. This along with additional items: Hot Spare Digital Power Amplifier, Battery Charger and Backup Batteries rounded out the system. This new Digital PA System worked out to be more cost effective than PA System Rectification that they had originally intended by around 20%. An added benefit is that since the system houses all the functions in one neat package there is significantly less cabling and interconnection inside the equipment rack. This allowed us to complete this job in record time.

This small building is the perfect use case for the “All in One” Digital PA System. With everything required to satisfy code of practice SS546 in one 3U rackmount equipment this allows the complexity, cost and footprint of the PA system to be kept to a minimum. This controller also comes with a 6 zone router built in and all zones have volume controls. The system can be expanded using additional 6 zone routers and the routers also have power amplifiers and volume controls built in making a very complete, feature rich and user friendly system perfect for small to medium sized installations.