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AV, CCTV, MATV and PA Systems are our specialties.  The REDITECH difference is that we not only install these products we are also experts in the design, repair, and maintenance of these complex systems.  When you engage our service you can expect to receive a system designed to be durable and with your requirements in mind and with REDITECH maintaining your equipment you can be sure that your system will provide years of trouble free service.  So visit our product webpages to learn more about the systems we deliver and how we can be of service to you.

Our technical specialists and system engineers will take the time to fully understand what your requirements are and how you will use the system. We will then work with you to define the system specifications and design the system around your end user requirements, project budget, delivery datelines and worksite access restrictions to build the ideal system for you, the customer and come in on time and under budget. At REDITECH we design our systems to be customer centric. Too often we are called in to remedy systems built by other installers that exhibit the following design flaws: Overbuilt – Installer often propose elaborate or overly powerful or high tech systems to show off their capabilities or to justify a high price tag. We have seen customers who only really need single zone public address systems with elaborate multi-zone digital setups or surveillance systems using complex PTZ systems which would have been better served with a few extra fixed cameras. Not only are such systems more expensive than necessary, in order to deliver these projects under budget installers must take short cuts and save money elsewhere like in the quality of ancillary items (cables, switches, relays, mounting brackets, etc.) Underbuilt – Often, in competitive tenders installers will have to use inferior or underpowered equipment in order to be able to win the job. The result of this is that you have an installation that is not durable, reliable or might not even satisfy your basic requirements. Not User Friendly – Complex digital integrated systems are impressive and definitely have their place in today’s high tech world, but if not designed for ease of use and maintenance and without good documentation and user training these systems will be underused and abandoned once faults arise. Problems like these arise when the vendor or service provider does treat the customer as the number one priority. With REDITECH you can rest assured that your needs and budget come first when we propose a system design.
Anyone can install a CCTV camera, mount a projector or erect an antenna. However, it takes a professional to do the job right so that you can get years of trouble free service out of your expensive equipment. How often have you seen installation with exposed cables or unsightly cable routing, equipment mounted on unstable surfaces, outdoor installation without proper water proofing, or equipment installed without proper ventilation. Such equipment will not perform as expected and will be prone to early failure. Our installers are perfectionists and our technicians are consummate professionals with an eye for detail. This is why REDITECH is synonymous with high quality.
How many times have you been quoted an exorbitant sum to replace equipment to remedy a seemingly small problem. Often a vendor will tell you to replace a piece of equipment if it is not working flawlessly when a solution could be as simple as changing a fuse, cleaning a contact, lubricating a bearing, replacing a battery or rebooting the system. This may not necessarily stem from a desire to defraud you, sometimes they might not be confident of finding the fault or incapable of troubleshooting the system. Complete replacement is simply the fastest most definitive way of remedying a fault, but this is at the expense of you – the customer. At REDITECH we take the time to troubleshoot your system and propose the most cost effective and long lasting solution. This is because we value our clients and want to build a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship. At REDITECH we pride ourselves at being able to support many legacy systems like Millbank PA products and Hitachi Industrial Cameras.
Regular maintenance is vital to the smooth and trouble free operation of any piece of equipment. Just like you would not drive a car without bringing it to the mechanic for regular maintenance and inspection, your AV, CCTV, MATV and PA Systems also require regular maintenance. Our maintenance packages involve regular facility visits to execute our maintenance checklist. Also included in the packages is the remedying of problems as they come up. We will troubleshoot and remedy faults that do not require the replacement of equipment without cost meaning that in the long run we will save you money since you no longer have to pay a vendor a per visit charge just to show up at your facility on top of any repair cost. Try out our affordably priced maintenance packages and you will agree that having a maintenance contract brings you more reliable service at a lower and more predictable cost. You will also find yourself updating your system less often since you will be getting such trouble free operation from your existing equipment. That some of the systems we are maintaining are over 20 years old and still at peak operational condition is a testament to our abilities.
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