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Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are one of the most versatile types of CCTV cameras.  They have a small and compact footprint and are reasonably aesthetically pleasing.  The dome hides the camera, mounting hardware and wiring in one small package limiting the visual impact.  Dome cameras can be used both indoor as well as outdoor but they are most commonly used indoors where their discreet appearance is used to maximum effect.

There are many varieties of dome cameras for specialized use as well.  Anti-vandal domes feature a rugged housing to thwart vandal attacks (see the video below for a demonstration), these are commonly used in busy public areas or where the cameras have to be mounted in areas that can be accessed by the public, ATM’s being one common example.   PTZ or so called speed-domes  feature internal motors that facilitate the panning, tilting and zooming of the actual camera making them ideal for areas where one camera has to monitor a large area, the zoom feature allowing it to zoom in on a specific threat when illicit activity is detected.  Also, when resources are limited the use of tinted domes can  obscure the direction the camera is pointed so that the camera can act as a deterrent in an area larger than the actual field of view of the camera.

Pros Cons
Small Size Small camera usually performs more poorly than regular cameras
Discreet Needs flat surface for mounting
Dome can be made ‘vandal proof’ Camera cannot be replaced separately from housing
Dome hides direction camera is pointed