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Public Address (PA) Systems

Background music and public address systems are often taken for granted.  While a public address system in its simplest Millbank Picform may be nothing more than a microphone, amplifier and speaker, the equipment and implementation are actually highly specialized and should only be installed by a skilled professional.  In fact, these Professional Communication Systems require sophisticated equipment and must be installed and maintained to strict tolerances to comply with the stringent specifications of M&E Consultants as well as strict building and fire safety codes. The vast majority of PA systems today are so called “constant voltage” systems.  These systems transmit the audio signals at a high voltage to the speakers (up to 100V here in Singapore).  The voltage is then stepped down at each speaker using a transformer.  This arrangement has the advantages of being able to transmit the audio over long distances using relatively thin cables without significant losses and the ability to connect many speakers to the same line in a parallel or looping configuration while matching the amplifier impedance to its load. PA systems can be as simple as single zone “all call” setups or be highly complex having tens if not hundreds of paging zones.  They may transmit the audio signals in analogue or digital formats and have either digital or analogue zone switching.  Advances in digital PA technology have made remote paging abilities, automated scheduled chimes and pre-recorded message playback and integration with fire and emergency warning systems and fireman intercoms commonplace and in some cases mandated by new stricter building codes. The reliability of our systems in comparison to our competitors is one of the main reasons why REDITECH’s public address systems are installed in many hotels, retail spaces and industrial buildings.  In fact, today we are still maintaining systems we installed over 30 years ago and are still in perfect condition.  We also have the expertise to integrate new technologies and functionality with your existing system to meet new stricter regulations thereby saving you time and money.  This just goes to show that there is no substitute for a REDITECH designed, installed and expertly maintained system for years of trouble free service. So whether you need support for your legacy system (Millbank, Philips, etc.). maintenance/rectification of your existing system or a brand new installation, you should get in touch with us and see how we can be of service to you. Our engineers are skilled in the installation, modification or maintenance of all major brands of PA Systems including but not limited to Bosch, TOA, Amperes, RCF, Optimus, ITC, etc.

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