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Just completed the installation of 2 Bosch PA Systems to a client site to replace their aging and obsolete TOA systems. The client had many requirements:

  • Comply with Singapore Code of Practice SS546
  • Pass fire certification by Singapore SCDF
  • Integrate with fire alarm system for automatic broadcast of emergency message
  • Customize automatic messages to aid the fire fighters in executing their investigation
  • Timer controlled broadcast of break and start/end work chime
  • Timer controlled broadcast of morning exercise messages
  • Timer controlled broadcast of weekly area cleaning messages

We accomplished this with a Bosch Paviro system at the larger site and Bosch Plena VAS System at the smaller site.

We can see from the photos that the BOSCH Paviro system managed to integrate the same features into a smaller package with fewer parts and part numbers and with less complexity in the cabling and installation and integration with 3rd party systems. In fact the timer you see here was only added because the client wanted to be able to change the chime timings without using having to make changes to the configuration file. All emergency messages, business messages, chimes, timers were loaded into the system. By contrast the Plena Vas needed external message players and program timers because the large number of message files and the large chime files exceeded the memory capacity of the Plena VAS. In this case the Plena Vas was selected due to the lower cost of this very small system. The Plena VAS is a very cost effective solution for small installations while maintaining EN54 certification and exceeding SS546 requirements.

We are very pleased with how this installation went and how we were able to fulfill the customers requirements with the most cost effective and elegant solutions. The customer is also very happy with the improved sound quality and additional functionality over the old analogue system they were using.